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Thermoforming Machine - WEBOMATIC APS ML 3300

The APS ML 3300 is the ideal tool to handle big things requiring vacuum or MAP packaging for small and medium-sized production capacities! With its compact length of only 3,5 m the APS ML 3300 can also be located almost everywhere and realises high-quality packages in most restricted locations – quick and in an economical way.

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Depending on the individual client’s specifications the APS ML 3300 can use soft and semi-rigid film material up to 600 µm in 320 mm, 360 mm or 420 mm widths – entirely variable in eight different repeat lengths between 120 and 280 mm. The filling area was comfortably enlarged by an additional repeat length; the max. draw depth is 130 mm.

For each basic model it is possible to choose between 12 different plug-in standard die sets, enabling a quick change of the machine within a few minutes. Via the colour touch screen (256 colours, all languages available) the Mitsubishi PLC can be set easily – and adapt the APS ML 3300 rapidly to the specific product.