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K A Pack Serv

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Foot Sealers

Foot Sealers with their new and improved casting, are ideal for sealing large heavy bags. By having a foot control, the hands are free to feed the machine. It is like having an extra hand. Units come complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and adjustable foot control. 2MM and 5MM element wire is available.

Foot Sealer incorporates twin elements (top & bottom) for heavier duty applications and can accommodate up to 20 mil material. It makes a 5 mm wide seal and fuses the material from both sides at the same time in less than a second. It comes with an adjustable work able.

These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing poly cello films, humidity proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. These sealers are ideal for producing a beautiful mesh seal 5/8" wide by 8", 12", or 16" long. Each machine comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable worktable and foot control.